3 Questions to Ask About Your Full Mouth Reconstruction

Posted on: September 7, 2019

Your full mouth reconstruction is an important procedure. Beforehand, ask your dentist questions so you know what to expect. Feel free to ask as much as you need. Be sure to ask the following questions.

When to ask questions and what to ask

Patients should ask questions about a full mouth reconstruction during the consultation. All dentists offer consultations before the actual procedure. This is the time to learn about the procedure. It is also when to learn about aftercare instructions.

In the case of forgotten questions, anytime will work. Patients should avoid leaving questions until immediately before the procedure. This might be a time of stress. As such, the answers can be harder to understand.

It is also a poor idea to ask questions about aftercare following the procedure. Potential grogginess makes the answers hard to understand. Questions about a full mouth reconstruction will allay any fears and doubts. Questions should include experience, the procedure and recovery.

Can you explain the procedure to me?

Patients should begin by asking the dentist to explain the procedure. Ideally, this should be with non-technical language that the patient can understand. Full mouth reconstruction does not have a one-size-fits-all approach. The specific procedure varies by patient. As such, patients cannot fully understand the process from online reading.

Understanding the procedure allows patients to gain an idea of what to expect. It also confirms that the dentist has a deep knowledge of the procedure. After all, a person must know a concept inside and out to explain it simply. Ideally, the dentist should explain the various procedures within the full mouth reconstruction. They should further explain the purpose of each component. Examples include dental implants and bridges.

How does your experience ensure a beautiful, functional smile?

Patients should ask questions to confirm the chosen dentist can deliver results. Questions should include the number of full mouth reconstructions performed. Also, ask the number of years in practice. Experienced dentists have better understanding of a specific mouth’s needs. These dentists can also complete the procedure efficiently with minimal side effects. Simultaneously, patients should ask how the dentist’s experience helps ensure results.

What should I expect during and after?

Finally, patients should clarify what to expect before, during, and after the procedure. What preparation is necessary? Can patients take their normal medications the day of the full mouth reconstruction? Can they eat that day? What type of numbing agent or anesthesia does the dentist use?

This is the time to ask about recovery and aftercare as well. When can patients return to work? What foods and beverages are off limits and for how long? How much pain should patients expect? Patients will be too groggy following the procedure to ask these questions then.


Before your full mouth reconstruction, ask your dentist any questions you have. At the least, ask about their professional experience completing full mouth reconstructions. You should also ask about your recovery process and the procedure itself. After receiving answers, you should feel good going into the procedure.

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