3 Questions to Ask Before Denture Repair

Posted on: August 6, 2019

Denture repair can make the difference between an enjoyable meal and a miserable one. That is why it is important to get your dentures checked every couple of months. Your prosthodontist will tell you if your dentures need adjustment or repair.

It is crucial to get your dentures repaired immediately if they sustain some damage. There is no need to tolerate an ill-fitting or broken set of dentures. Life is too short for that kind of hassle.

Instead, you should make the decision to get your dentures repaired and hope for the very best outcome.

Commonly asked questions about denture repair

Here are some questions one should consider asking prior to denture repairs to ensure all your concerns are met:

1. How long does denture repair take?

It depends on the extent of the damage, as well as the type of technology that the prosthodontist uses. A prosthodontist may have equipment that allows them to perform same-day denture repair. Instead of sending the dentures off to a lab, the prosthodontist will repair them in their office, while the patient waits.

This type of skilled prosthodontist is able to reline the dentures, fix a broken tooth or make extensive adjustments.

If the dentures only need minor repairs, a prosthodontist may be able to fix them even without advanced equipment. This is usually the case if a set of dentures only needs a little straightening or adjustment.

Most prosthodontists send broken dentures to a dental lab for repair. In this case, the patient would have to leave the dentist’s office without their dentures.

2. What should a patient do in the meantime?

Dentures are a huge part of their wearer’s life. That person may feel anxious without their teeth. They will be reluctant to present themselves in public without their dentures, and they will have a hard time talking or eating.

Same-day denture repair allows a patient to leave the dentist’s office with their newly-repaired dentures. This is also the case if the dentures only need minor repairs that can be done without advanced equipment.

It is totally different when the dentures are sent to a dental lab for repair. A patient will need a spare set of dentures to tide them over as they wait. This requires advance planning on the patient’s part. The patient should invest in a set of duplicate dentures, which are a copy of the now broken dentures. If a patient does not own a spare set, they can ask their prosthodontist for temporary dentures. They will not fit as well as a custom-made set, but they are better than nothing.

3. What are the common types of denture repair?

A person will need their dentures repaired when they break, bend or age. The most common types of dental repairs are:

  • Rebasing: Involves replacing the base or ‘gums’ of the dentures
  • Relining: involves resurfacing the part of the dentures that rest on the gums, which allows loose dentures to fit more securely
  • Tooth replacement: This is the replacement of a broken denture tooth
  • Frame repair: This is the repair of the framework of the denture, which can bend or break after a fall, or because of wear

Get your dentures repaired as soon as possible

Wearing broken dentures is physically and mentally draining, so do not do it. Get yourself some peace of mind by getting in touch with our prosthodontist. They will restore your smile in a short amount of time.

Request an appointment here: https://www.ny1dentist.com or call NY1 Dental Associated, PC at (212) 548-3273 for an appointment in our New York office.

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